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Unique One of a Kind Art 3

In these pages you will find
a functional art that's one of a kind!
From stained glass boxes with a flair,
to ostrich egg and nautilus chalices
that can be used with any fare!
Candle stick holders and crystal wands unique
to agate display tables that are quite chic!
Waterhawk Creations creates functional art that
may be a series of limited production.
It is here that one can find it's introduction.

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Unique Art 2
Unique Bottles 1
Item# Gallery 240
Purple agate table set with
two green howlite nuggets
and a turquoise nugget.
4.5" x  5.25"

NEW Item# SH739
Ruffled clam shell bowl, set with standing
figurine between 2 red coral branches.
Large turquoise nugget, 20 incredible
multi-shaped pearls of different colors.
A small scallop shell from Sanibel
Island, Florida behind figurine.
Stands 7.75", 11" wide & 8.5" long

Item# G249
A natural tinted deer antler with
a turquoise nugget and large white
pearl holds a pair of bear claw clam
shells. Sitting a top a light blue agate
slice is a water nymph figurine. An
Africian Spirit quartz and amethyst
point, red branch coral, small goldstone
bead, gold pearl, purple pearl and a
black pearl are all set beneath.
Stands 5.75", 8" wide and 5" long.

Item# G250
NEW Item# G251
Atlantic giant cockle shell found
on Sanibel Island, FL is the back
of this hand held mirror. A natural
tinted deer antler handle, lepidolite,
12 purple spectral beads, 3 small
black pearls and 3 large black pearls.
10.5" long and 4.5" wide

A lion paw shell is set on a black
tinted deer antler handle. 6
multi-shaped large white pearls
and 3 red branch coral pieces.
11" long and 5.25" wide

Item# G254
Purple agate geode table
set with a smoky quartz
cluster, citrine point, 2 dark
gold pearls, 2 black pearls
and 6 brass feathers.
5" long, 5.25" wide and
stands 1.75"

Item# G252
NEW Item# G253
Driftwood wand with a tangerine
quartz points, amethyst, cherry
quartz, rose quartz, kyanite,
druze quartz cluster,
8 purple
pearls and 11 gold pearls.
12.5" x 2.25"

A white howlite center topped with
a smoky quartz point, amethyst, black
tourmaline, amethyst river quartz,
lepidolite, labradorite cabochon 7
black pearls and 5 purple pearls.
13.25" x  3"