Tribute to the Past Gallery

Here at this gallery you will find pieces that we have created and have moved on.
There has been so many creations that it is hard to describe some. So please if you
see something that we have created in the past and you would like to commission a
piece based on previous designs, email us at
and we can discuss what we can come up with. You can click on the picture
for a closer look. Again we do not have any of these pieces available at this time.

Functional Art Gallery and Gifts that are One of a Kind and Unique.
"Vessel Nebula"
Within the Cosmos it dwells.
Gathers and collects, swirls.
Bearing witness to all
existing tho, no protocol.
When drunk from you'll see
chaos within order to be.

"Belisama's Pool"
She has been called the bright one?
Or is she the Strong one?
Her secrets are told within the water.
Do you need to be near to hear?
Or if you pray and bring gifts to offer
will you be her donee?
The choice is yours to see
What is in her coffer.

"Pomona's Grove"
In ancient Rome she bide
in fruit groves made thrived.
A cornucopia to celebrate
enough to captivate!
Appear with beauty your own
And she may give you her throne!

"Box of She"
Treasures kept, she
encloses and can set free.
She, a dream of the Goddess
from the wonderful sea.
Filled with delight, from ebb and flow,
Put only inside from which you sow.

"She Gleans"
As She walks,
She collects
Making no judgment ,
She respects.
Things just gather
Although She'd rather
sway and swim
to live life on a whim.
But please don't tell her
that things fall from her
Her focus is ahead
She can not be lead!

"Sirens Catch"
They sit for days
in a luring song
to catch their love
they have always longed.

"White Queen"
Her mystery is concealed
Her majesty is revealed.
Within the light she stands
Within the dark she commands.
'tween these worlds, she's a raphe.
Kindness and justice is her staff

"Torch of the Ancients"
Ancient torches
have lit the path,
do we follow?
And though,
the way has been lit,
we are blind
at times hollow...

"The Majesty of Depth"
From whence it came, from the "unseen"...
up from the depths, to the be "seen".
The Majesty shows her grace
from both depths of land and sea.
Regal is her dance, she mirrors
us from our own depths.
And to understand that,
even our "unseen" depths
has immense beauty.

"Lord of the Dancing Skye"
With the Sky as it's ballroom
No limits abound
With Spirit so free
can the Magik of this King
Dance amongst the trees

"Mirrored by Trees"
What is it to be
mirrored by trees.
What do you see?
They tell us be wise.
To not tell ourselves lies.
For no one hears their cries.
You need us, as we need you.
For you and me both, know it's true.
Do not make us past tense or you will be blue

"Thrice Dryad"
Within trees they dance
And can you see
only by chance.
Whirling turning
with the wind
Nymphs yearning.
Upon the old Oak
you'll see,
glimpse no joke.
Once they lit the night
protecting forests bright.

"Deep Healing Rising"
From deep within comes healing
Spiraling upwards sparks feeling
Connecting the body with the Self

"A Spider's Dream"
Within a dream a web is weaved.
Connecting the realms of reality
which are caused to be perceived.
Can one know what one conceives?
When watching the web be born
it truly is hard to believe.

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