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Shell Art
Waterhawk Creations shell art is a functional art that can be utilized with food for special occasions, candy dish, incense  burner, soap dish or to holdyou precious items. Care is easy with just soap  and water.

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Item# SH502
$ 225
Soft cool waves make joy
with a song of the heart.
Beauty and delight so coy
that has it down to an art.
What timing she makes
with subtle temptation.
Wonder lies in her wake
that begs contemplation.

A very rare large pink abalone
shell bowl rests on a glass
stand. Adorned with an
African spirit quartz cluster,
eleven scallop shells, six
turquoise beads, three cobalt
beads, a gold pearl, a black
pearl and ninety two multi-
shape white pearls.
Stands 7.5" x 7" long x 9" wide

$ 595
Shell art 2
All Photos by Don Waterhawk
All poems by Daniella Waterhawk
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Item# Sh573
$ 125
Two lion paw shells created into this
jewelry holder with three small red abalone
shells, a piece of Chinese red branch coral,
 green turbo shell, white turbo shell, eleven
large white multi-shaped pearls and a piece
of natural coral found on Sanibel Beach, FL.
Stands 7" x 6" wide and 7" long.

Item# SH383
"Passionate Elation"
The moment, connection
passed all friction.
Like water, floating
it needs no coaxing.
Let it wash over
feel yourself hover.
Hold on, fast
for it won't last.

Large Ruffled clam shell set with
a pewter standing figurine, two
small pink abalone shells for ear rings
large turquoise nuggets, two Chinese
red coral branches for rings, ocean
washed coral, seven multi-shaped
white pearls, two black pearls and a
large purple pearl.
11" wide, stands 8.5" high and 11" long

NEW Item# SH579
A beautiful pink abalone set with
four large peacock pearls, thirteen
double white pearls, twenty seven
large multi-shaped white pearls,
fourteen scallop shells from
Sanibel Island, FL and four
faceted glass beads in green,
purple, light blue and blue.
5.25" x 7" x 2.5"

NEW Item# SH608

Twenty three multi-shaped white pearls
surround this pink abalone shell. Fifteen
burgundy and purple pearls. Two red
branch coral and three scallop shells
from Sanibel Island, FL.
4.25" x 5.5" x 1.75"