Wine glasses & functional shell art
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All Photos by Don Waterhawk.
All poems by Daniella Waterhawk.
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All artwork seen here have been created by Don and Daniella Waterhawk who reserve the rights to all the work displayed here at 
Waterhawk Creations has been in business since 1989

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Waterhawk Creations stemware collection includes
a variety of glassware for all occasions.
Makes a beautiful wedding, birthday or holiday gift.

Hand washable with soap and water. Never needs polish!

NEW Item# W23
NEW Item# W24
20oz Red wine glass with a
white buffalo turquoise Budda
face and five purple pearls.
This is front and back photo
of a single glass. Stands at 8.5"

Red wine with six blue
sunstone cabochons.
20oz stands 8.5"
Front and back photo
of a single glass

NEW Item# W25
NEW Item# W26
Brazilian amethyst point set
with a turquoise nugget and four
small turquoise beads.
Stands 8.5" and seen here
is a front and back image
of a single glass.

20oz white wine glass set
with twelve gold pearls.
stands at 9"
Photo of a single glass
of the back and front view.

NEW Item# W27
NEW Item# W28
NEW Item# W29
20oz Red wine set with two
white pearls and a red
coral bead. stands 8.5"

Six barrel shape dark
gold pearls set on a 20oz
red wine glass. stands 8.5"

Four turquoise skulls and
three large black peacock
pearls in a spiral design.
20oz red wine stands at 8.5"

NEW Item# W31
NEW Item# W30
NEW Item# W32
10oz green cordial glass
set with two double purple
pearls and two single purple
pearls. stands 7.75"

Cobalt blue 10oz cordial glass
set with a turquoise skull,
a black pearl and a white pearl.
Stands 7.75"

Green cordial glass set with
four gold pearls. 10oz
stands 7.75"

NEW Item# W33
NEW Item# W34
10oz cobalt blue cordial
glass set with two white
pearls and a double purple
pearl. stands 7.75"

Four double black peacock
pearls on this 10oz cobalt
blue cordial glass stands 7.75"

NEW Item# W36
NEW Item# W35
20oz white wine is set with
a scallop shell from Sanibel
Island, FL that has a black
pearl with behind it. You
 can see it when looking inside
the glass. On the stem is
a spiral of three amethyst
beads. Stands 9"

On this white wine glass there
is a spiral of green tiger's eye
wrapped around the stem. A
scallop shell found on Sanibel Island,
FL's Blind Pass beach, that has a
black pearl behind it. It can be
seen while looking into the glass.
20oz and stands 7.75"

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