Wine glasses & functional shell art
Functional Art Gallery and Gifts that are One of a Kind and Unique.
Unique One of a Kind Art 1

In these pages you will find
a functional art that's one of a kind!
From stained glass boxes with a flair,
to ostrich egg and nautilus chalices
that can be used with any fare!
Candle stick holders and crystal wands unique
to agate display tables that are quite chic!
Waterhawk Creations creates functional art that
may be a series of limited production.
It is here that one can find it's introduction.

"Beneficent Stride"
A walk in kindness.
Gathering mindfulness.
Knowing before seeing.
Glimpses, Supreme Being.
Her bowl overflows, it drips.
Ever loosening, her grips.
Gathering Mindfulness!
Walking in Kindness!
$ 395
A rare yellow abalone shell resting on
a brown tinted deer antler. Adorning the
abalone is five large white pearls, polished
purple sunstone, Brazilian Quartz cluster,
smoky quartz cluster and a large polished
turquoise nugget.  On the antler there are
seven Chinese red coral branches and
seven polished turquoise nuggets.
Abalone shell is 8" x  6"
The piece Stands 9" high by 14" wide.
Item# Gallery 212
Item# Gallery 202
"Lyra's Reef"
What's living at her reef?
Most wonderful things,
beyond belief.
As Vega, the brightest
star in her constellation,
the reef fills her with elation.
Things living atop another
twisting and turning,
hard to decipher from the other.
$ 650
A large Giga clam shell bowl
created as a jewelry holder.
Three small pink abalone shells,
four Chinese red branch coral,
Brazilian Quartz point, Uruguay
Amethyst cluster, nineteen
multi-shaped white pearls, a
large burgundy pearl, two black
coin pearl, and a double
burgundy pearl.

The branch coral pieces are ring
holders, the abalone can hold
ear rings and the bowl for
Necklaces and watches.
9" long x  14" wide x  8" high

Item# Gallery 199
"Doris' Stow"
Where is the mother of Queens
to put her shiny pretty things?
For the bounty of the sea is great
and there is never a time to wait!
Collect and to then hold
her life is so bold.
Here to stow and admire
collections from all the shire.
$ 350
Two lion paw shells, baby pink abalone
shell, large turquoise nugget, slice of agate,
three large Chinese red coral branches,
twelve multi-shaped white pearls, two
black coin pearls, large purple and a small
purple pearl, small scallop shell and a
piece of ocean washed coral.
7" wide x 7" high x 7" deep

All Photos by Don Waterhawk
All poems by Daniella Waterhawk
Website created and maintained by Daniella Waterhawk since 1998
All artwork seen here, have been created by Don and Daniella Waterhawk
who reserve the rights to all the work displayed here at
Waterhawk Creations has been in business since 1989

Item# Gallery 231
"A Golden Mean"
In it's balance
Universal talents
strive to be equal
in unique will
Entropy and creativity
never of passivity
Within galactic legislature
you can see it within nature
Choose between
stagnancy and flow
if only to bestow
$ 395
Bailer shell chalice is set upon a brass candle holder painted
white. Scallop and sundial shells, 4 red coral beads, 2 red
tigers eye beadsand 2 small black pearls. On the Bailer shell
you will find 47 small white pearls spiraling around the shell,
3 large white pearls, 2 African spirit quartz clusters and
3 scallop shells found on Sanibel Island, FL
Stands 12.5" tall, 8" wide and 6" long.

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