Wine glasses & functional shell art
Functional Art Gallery and Gifts that are One of a Kind and Unique.
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In these pages you will find
a functional art that's one of a kind!
From stained glass boxes with a flair,
to ostrich egg and nautilus chalices
that can be used with any fare!
Candle stick holders and crystal wands unique
to agate display tables that are quite chic!
Waterhawk Creations creates functional art that
may be a series of limited production.
It is here that one can find it's introduction.

Item# Gallery 235
An ostrich egg is set on a filigree base
attached to a lion paw shell.  Three
amethyst clusters, six amethyst balls,
twelve black pearls, six small white
pearls,seven large white pearls, a double
white pearl and a white coin pearl.
Stands 11.5" x 5.5" long x 6" wide

Item# Gallery 236
Ruffled clam shell is at center
for this gathering. A mermaid and
two nymphs sit around a purple agate
that is adorned with Spirit quartz and
fossilized coral.  A natural coral branch
stands as sentinal along with red branch
coral, pink abalone shell and pearls.
4.5" tall x 11.5" wide x 9.5 " long

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All Photos by Don Waterhawk
All poems by Daniella Waterhawk
Website created and maintained by Daniella Waterhawk since 1998
All artwork seen here, have been created by Don and Daniella Waterhawk
who reserve the rights to all the work displayed here at
Waterhawk Creations has been in business since 1989

"Anima Dawn"
As a man stands within his masculinity,
there is a dawning of the feminine divinity.
Rising up throughout his life.
Please don't let it cause strife.
Drink from the chalice,
only to stop being a thallus.
Take root in the androgny
and allow the ontogeny.
Evolve with the Cosmos
Be first and foremost!

"Land and Sea, All Sisters Be"
Sitting at the waters edge,
between the grassy sedge.
A gathering of muses
no one refuses.
Singing lessons learned
of choices diserned.
Bring forth to new generations
with trust and aspirations.

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Item# Gallery 246
Box with in a box set.
The small box has red, yellow and
bevelled glass. A white buffalo Budda
head is set at the center of this box,
A gorgeous Indian Star ruby, Brazilian
Quartz cluster and small amethyst point,
Blue, green and gold hues in a labradorite
cabochon, turquoise nugget, five white
pearls, five beige pearls and two black
peacock pearls are wrapped in 3
dimensional vines that twist and weave
throughout the box.
7.5" x 5.5" stands 4.25"

The display box is comprised of
green, brown and white glass with
a bevelled glass top. Two brown
tinted deer antlers are handles at
the top with turquoise nuggets, a
black peacock pearl and a white pearl.
All is interwoven in 3 dimensional
vines that twist and overlap.
Four deer antler nubs for legs.
10.75" x 9" Stands at 9.75"

"Aranya Devi"
Far from the fringe of civalization
In a deep jungles glen entwined, she
dances for us and feeds our starvation.
Marvelous is She who brings grace
and kindness. To all animals does feed.
Tho wanders far and wide,
all creatures does She embrace.

NEW Item# G248
Ostrich egg chalice lined with bees wax
is resting on a brass stand. 3 White Buffalo
turquoise Budda heads, 18 purple pearls, 3
multi-shaped gold pearls and 3 gold coin pearls.
Stands 12" x 5.5" x 5.5"