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Unique Bottles
Item# B11
Item# B9
Item# B6
Item# B13
$ 150
Large brown bottles set with
two labradorite cabochons,
seven large white pearls, five
large black pearls, two white
howlite skulls and one yellow
howlite skull.
Stands 12" x  4.25"

$ 185
Red antique pau shell believed to be
circa 1930's is set at center of this
bottle. Green, blue and gold hues
in a labradorite cabochon, Five large
multi-shaped white pearls and
four black peacock pearls. 1oz shot
glasses each have a labradorite
cabochon and pearls. Sold as set.
Stands 11" high

$ 55
Two black skulls, two green skulls
and four white skulls are set
with four turquoise nuggets.
Comes with standard cork.
Stands 6.5"

$ 45
Patrone bottle with four
blue turquoise and four
green turquoise nuggets.
Stands 8" with cork

Unique Art 3
Unique Bottles 2
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$ 85
Jose Cuervo bottle adorned
with a spiral of thirteen
large white pearls and
two peacock pearls and
a purple pearl.
stands at 12.5" x  3.25"

$ 65
Hornitos bottles set with
three white coin pearls,
three peach pearls and
four tuquoise nuggets.
stands 10" x 4" wide

Item# B15
$ 35
Brown bottle with five
multi-shaped white pearls.
stands 12.5" x 4.25" wide

New Item# B58
Item# B47
$ 95
Green Jagermeister bottle
set with twelve multi-shaped
large white pearls.
stands 9.5"

Item# B48
Item# B29
$ 45
Cuervo bottle set with
four white pearls and
two black pearls.
stands 12"

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