Jewelry table made from agate with ammonite fossil, water nymph and abalone shells

Ammonite and quartz jewelry display table

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An ancient lake of a blue geode holds the mysteries of the past. A fossilized, opalized, with red color, ammonite rests before a water nymph. A black ghost bead is set within.  A beautiful Arkansas clear quartz cluster is next to one of the two small pink abalone shells. There are 4 black pearls and a small black tourmaline crystal point on the shell.  Across is another small pink abalone shell with 4 purple pearls and an Indonesian faceted ruby crystal. 3 small cuts of deer antlers hold the table. 

A lovely place for rings and things or place a tea light underneath for a radiant burst of blue.

Stands 3.25" at it's highest and 10.5" x  6" size is approximate

The metal we use is a fine pewter that is lead free. For anyone with metal allergies please see our FAQ page for full details.