Flidais of the Wilde drinking horn with emeralds and labradorite

Flidais of the Wilde

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Flidais of the Wilde
(pronounced Flee-ish)

Her hair the color of wheat
Protector of animals is her feat
Preceding over those that work the land
Earth Mother and Her protection it fanned
Shape shifting in times of need
Tuatha De Danaan is those whose creed
For steer and doe does she love
Sensual and healing for you thereof.

Slender and sensual this steer drinking horn 26 Russian and Columbian emeralds. Bejeweled with 3 labradorite cabochons with hues of green, blue and purple. There are 2 loops for hanging a leather strap so it can be held over a shoulder to keep the yummy spirits inside. There is beeswax lining the inside helping to keep the Spirits fresh.

19" long and 2.5" around the mouth.

The metal we use is a fine pewter that is lead free. For anyone with metal allergies please see our FAQ page for full details.

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