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Gemsbok long bow with leather hand grip and rabbit fur
Waterhawk Creations

Gemsbok horn long bow with rabbit fur

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About our long bows. 
We have been creating bows for over 30 years. Our bows have been featured in some major films. Having started out making gemsbok bows after learning about the history of the "original" long bows from Central Africa, we do not pretend to be bow makers, instead we have created with the materials available to us an organic instrument that "can" be functional but we make them as display or cosplay weapons. We have never had a bow made by us, that was purchased, come back broken. The gemsbok horns have become difficult to obtain that could be made into a useful bow.

Adorned with rabbit fur this gemsbok long bow has sinew curing the curve. Black, white and brown fur lines the horns and a dark brown strip of leather is at center for a hand grip.

64" long 

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