Petrified wood and amethyst wand front view
Petrified wood and amethyst wand back view

Petrified wood and amethyst wand

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This wand has been designed around the petrified wood center. At the top end is an amethyst cactus/Spirit quartz point. A rich purple amethyst cluster and a small point is set with a labradorite with a gold and purple sheen cabochon and seven black peacock pearls. Along the petrified wood there is seven black peacock pearls weaved in with our metal design. At the bottom end is a rhodochrosite ball and is wrapped with eight black peacock pearls.

There is an ethereal forest magic feel to this wand. 

13" long by 2" at it's widest.


The metal we use is a fine pewter that is lead free. For anyone with metal allergies please see our FAQ page for full details.

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