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Daniella and Don Waterhawk
We are not sure what is going to be the content of this blog. Will endeavor to post weekly, something of interest. What we are working on, what shows we will be attending (when we are able to do so again). Thought I'd start with a readers digest version of our roots.
In 1971, Don came home from Vietnam as a highly decorated combat medic with the 101st Air Bourne Army division. Home life was not easy back then and he bounced around from job to job. Eventually his upbringing in the art world surfaced. Don's stepfather, Ray Packard was a fine artist and owned an art gallery in Akron, OH. where during his teens he gleaned from many creative mediums both from Ray and from Dom Drumm, a famous metal sculpture. Don apprenticed  with an indigenous Mexican American in New Mexico during the year of 1974 -75 that taught him the art of a silversmith. All these were the foundations for his artistic creativity.
In 1976, he joined the Summit County, OH sheriffs department where he was a deputy for 13 years. It paid the bills. To relieve himself of a very stressful job, Don self-taught himself stained glass. Balanced his creativity. But at the close of his 13th year with the sheriff dept., decided that enforcing mans law was not for him and that natures code of life was more suited to him and followed it's constitution from then on. This was inspired by one day in his basement studio, Don had an epiphany and created his first piece of functional art that was the birth of what is now the work we do. Drawing from his paternal fathers heritage, he self taught himself leatherwork, beadwork and sacred pipe carving. 
In 1989 he started a business that showcased his fine crafts and called it Waterhawk Creations. He found out about a few new age shows and nature based festivals in the Ohio and Western NY area. They were fun and filled with like minded people that were wowed by his art. Tapping into his Native American roots, he focused on Spiritual tools geared towards assisting people who were working a Nature based path. In 1994, Don and I met each other. Love at first site and together we transformed the focus and created products that were brought to the Metaphysical shops up and down the East Coast of the USA. 1998 brought our attention to the world wide web, a.k.a. the internet and waterhawkcreations.com was birthed.
The 2000's brought so many changes for Waterhawk Creations, our web site was strong but outdoor shows were rough. Traveling on the road became expensive and we had to stay closer to home. I got a "job" as a bartender/server/floor manager in private country club restaurants and Don continued creating. I got to create some during those 5 years but ya know 55 hour a week schedules crashes the creative flow. By early 2008 I could not take it any longer. Needing that creativity back in my personal space out weighed the fear of a dependable income. I quit. What a relief I felt walking out of the place I worked. At that time the economy was prosperous and I figured it was a great time to reignite Waterhawk Creations. And from February 2008 until September 2008 it looked like our wholesale business was taking off. Well most of us know by End of September 2008 the stock market crashed. Was not a good time for Americans. For 2 years I looked for work, I could not go back to the food service business. I did try, three times and my health was like, Oh, hella no". Yeah we lost our home, our livelihood and in some aspect ourselves. Many Americans felt that same hurt. Don and I learned from those hard times.
Then in 2010 I asked my mom for a small loan and bought some materials. Don and I got to creating and put the spark back into Waterhawk Creations. This time though we were heading straight for retail. We wanted to meet directly with the people that loved our work they purchased from us. Our art made people happy and we started having a repeat clientele that bought something every time they saw us at a show. Wow. It reinforced our mission, to create functional art that made people feel good when they used them. Feel special and sparked something from within. And that they can pass our work down to the next generation as an heirloom.
After 10 years, building up from small street festivals to art shows; renaissance festivals to pirate fests, we crossover to many peoples desire to bring magic, whimsey and magic to their lives. Why not watch your favorite shows while drinking from one of our glasses, drinking horns or chalices? Why not feel wonderous when your have one of our shell bowls or agate tables to hold your treasures? Pouring any Spirits into one of our bottles dresses up any bar or dining table. Enchanting.
So this is a short version of how Waterhawk Creations came into being. There are so many stories that I trust will make it into this blog. Maybe be my personal story will be next. Till then may you walk in peace and beauty with faith and love filling your heart. 11-19-20

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