Who is Waterhawk Creations

 Daniella and Don
Don and Daniella Waterhawk


 What we do.

BottleBlending many of the Earths treasures and various materials with our exclusive creativity, we fulfill our vision of creating functional objects ’art. Striving to design pieces of art that will last hundreds of years, to be handed down from one generation to the next.

We look for exclusive and unusual gems, crystals, minerals and other unusual materials for our work. Interfacing them with a fine pewter, lead free, composite metal to create our functional one of a kind art. Wine and spirit glasses, shell sage and jewelry bowls, agate display tables, drinking horns, decanters and some very whimsical and exotic fantasy usable artwork.

drinking horn

Our Beginnings.  

Having utilized many mediums to create various types of art. From silversmithing to traditional Native American leather and bead work to stain glass, Don has always mixed medias to form his work.

From mid 1975 to 1989 he was a deputy sheriff in Ohio, which was only a few years after he had come back from Vietnam as a decorated combat medic. He used art as means of stress reduction and even taught himself stained glass during this time. But after 13.5 years the artist in him cried to do more and he left the sheriff department and established Waterhawk Creations.  He started with stained glass light boxes and sold out at his first show. Changed his focus in the early 1990's where he created ceremonial pipes, rattles, leather clothing, prayer and talking sticks and a line of jewelry. Also including in his collections at this time was his first pewter and crystal work.

Having studied a few of her own art mediums, including sketching, painting with oils, acrylics and watercolors, beadwork and jewelry creations, Daniella also has a bachelors degree in Geology and a AS degree in music electronic tech. Basically the science of electronic tech mixed with classical music theory.

She has had many a job during the 1980's from bartending to working in a health food store. Typing invoices for a small business to stuffing envelopes for the old school mailing lists at Lincoln Centers public relations dept. This supported her way through college. Worked in recording studios starting out as a music tech and then got a job making sound effects and music dubs for commercial ads. In 1991 her geology degree got her a job with the City of NY Parks Dept. as an environmental education park ranger. Teaching people about the parks reclamation programs from pre-k through graduate levels. Her office was Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. It was a great experience. 


In 1994 Don and Daniella met at a festival in Western NYS and believe it or not it was love at first site. Took only a few months to make the decision to spend the rest of their lives together. Don taught his technique to Daniella and it was like an epiphany and within 6 months she learned an art medium that became her only focus and has been a total passion for her.

NOW.    Don and Daniella Waterhawk   

At the time of writing this bio, it's been 26 years of working side by side together, creating and then selling our art. At first we sold to metaphysical stores and did outdoor festivals. In 2010 our focus switched to selling at renaissance and pirate festivals and retail art shows. We love the atmosphere of the festival life, getting dressed up and meeting 1000's of people. Traveling to various states and seeing our country has been so enlightening and joyful. 

Waterhawk Creations past workWe've had a web site up since 1998. It was really a great asset during the 2000's.  After 2011 people ordered directly from our web site for more purchases after meeting us at a show. Then our daughter created a video of our bottles, sometime around 2017 and published it on Twitter. People loved it but when they went to our then web site, they wrote back to her asking "Why don't they have an ecommerce site?" This got us thinking about creating a new website but shows were keeping us busy selling our work so it got put on the back burner.

Then Covid hit us really hard. No more outdoor shows. So we got to researching how to get out on the internet to provide our customer base access to our work and welcome a new customer base who had not seen our work before. The result is this web store (we like to call it a store) and over the last 6 months, we've learned a great deal of how the internet has changed and what people are looking for. It's has been a really nice organic growth for us and we are so honored to be a part of the ecommerce world.

Waterhawk Creations pieces have been seen on national television, in films and videos, magazines, book covers and in fine art galleries and shops around the world.

Display Waterhawk Creations

Latest display of the inside of our renaissance festival booth.

Bay Area Renaissance Festival

 Our booth at B.A.R.F. (Bay Area Renaissance Festival


Front view at BARF

Front signage at BARF


Ohio Wine fest art show

Ohio Wine Fest Art Show