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Renaissance Festival 20% off sale. Ends September 27th, 2020 at 11:59 pm. Free shipping within the continental USA. Prithee join our VIP email group below for future promos and more. Huzzah!
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About Us

Waterhawk Creations

Having utilized many mediums to create various types
of art. From silversmithing to traditional Native
American leather and bead work to stain glass, Don
has always mixed medias to form his work.

From mid 1975 to 1989 he was a deputy sheriff in Ohio,
which was only a few years after he had come back from
Vietnam as a decorated combat medic. 
He used art as a
means of stress reduction and even taught himself
stained glass during this time. But after 13.5 years
the artist in him cried to do more and he left the
force, the day after creating what is now his signature
and original creations of art.

His fathers family heritage is of Tsalagi-Mesquakie and
mom is from Eastern Europe. The influences from both
sides of the world shows in his art. When he started
creating and selling his work, Don was introduced to the
Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge of the Seneca Nation and
 he became a Ganji initiate and a teacher himself sharing
the knowledge he learned from his Seneca Grandmothers.

Having studied a few of her own art mediums, including
sketching, painting with oils, acrylics and watercolors,
beadwork and jewelry creations, Daniella also has a
bachelors degree in Geology and a AS degree in music
electronic tech, basically the science of electronic tech
mixed with classical music theory. Self studies in nutrition,
psychology and esoteric topics. The only focus that has
been a total passion for the last 26 years is the
artwork she creates. 

Don established Waterhawk Creations in 1989 after he
retired from the sheriff's department. He started with
stained glass light boxes and sold out at his first show.
Changed his focus in the early 1990's where he created
ceremonial pipes, rattles, leather clothing, prayer and
talking sticks and a line of jewelry. Also including in his
collections at this time were his first pewter and crystal
work. The latter became his focus when 
Daniella joined
him in 1994. Picking up this medium came quickly for her
and within 6 months had started her own style and
originality. Together bringing the art and finesse that
makes us Waterhawk Creations.

Blending many of the Earths treasures and various 
materials with our exclusive creativity, we 
fulfill our
of creating functional objects d’art. Striving to
design pieces of art that will last hundreds of years,
to be handed down from one generation to the next.
We look for unique and unusual gems, crystals, minerals
and other unusual materials for our work, interfacing them
with a fine pewter, lead free, composite metal to create
our functional one of a kind art. Wine and spirit glasses,
shell sage and jewelry bowls, agate display tables, drinking
horns, decanters and some very whimsical and exotic
fantasy usable artwork.

Waterhawk' s pieces have been seen on national television,
in films and videos, magazines, book covers and in fine
art galleries 
and shops around the world.




Shipping Info and Exchange policy

USA sales only.
If you are from another country email us from
and we will see if we can accommodate you.
Depends on the country and all shipping and
dutie fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

All purchases are mailed to the address that is posted
on the form at check out
. Our preference for shipping
is via USPS priority mail. 

We cover the cost of shipping and any sales tax.   

Waterhawk Creations takes an immense amount of pride in
craftsmanship and quality of our products. We
guarantee our pieces 
free of craftsmanship defects. Some
of the crystals may have inclusions, 
fractures and small
chips in some places, but there will be nothing that 
detract from its beauty, durability, or its use.

No refunds!

Exchanges only within 7 days of receiving the order.
If you are 
not satisfied with the piece, please contact
us, A.S.A.P in reference 
to an exchange within 7
days of purchase. After the 7 days there is no longer
an offering of an exchange.

Thank you
Don & Daniella Waterhawk