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Waterhawk Creations Musings Facebook group has been created today. We thought it would a great way to connect with our community directly. Plus there will be different musings there then here on this blog.

The group page may be found here

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What is musings. The dictionary states it is;

a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

Yes we all have some level of artistry whether an accountant, scientist, teacher, you get the point.

What inspires us is an individual aspect of ourselves. And we are all creative in some way. Creativity they say has 5 fundamental attributes that defines how we go about being a visionary. They are associating, questioning, observing, networking, and experimenting. Having an open mind to allow the energy of a muse is a must. Nature, other artists work, our upbringing, the people we love, our pets and even those who may have caused us pain may be the inspiration that drives us to create. Whether one creates art, music, dance, words or decorating a personal space, we are influenced by the world around us. By tapping into our creativity it brings us closer to our true nature. 

Think about how you can be creative in your daily life. 

  • Make doing chores fun. Whether in the home, garden or even at work.
  • Create new traditions that you can participate with others. Monthly visits to a favorite restaurant, movie night with friends and family and or weekend visits that every weekend you choose a different fun thing to do.
  • Listening to music while balancing the checkbook and paying bills.
  • Finding new and different ways to solve problems.
  • Using your free time wisely, turn that TV off.

These are just some example of tapping into your own personal creativity. We encourage you to find what feels good to you. There is no judgement and no one's creativity is of any more value then another's, just different. Each and every one of us has a gift. Some can council others, some can speak or write words of inspiration, others can create art through a magnitude of mediums, while others just their smile inspires and so many others ways to be motivated. 

Accountants, scientists, store clerks, etc.., whatever your profession, by adding a bit of creativity to the job at hand helps build our character. Motivates the day. So here is to finding our muse and making each day special in it's own way.

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