18.5" long steer drinking horn with labradorite cabochon, black pearls and emerald crystal beads. front view
18.5" long steer drinking horn with view from the back showing emeralds and black pearls.

Labradorite drinking horn

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Love the color of this steer drinking horn. Adorned with a large tear drop labradorite cabochon with a blue hue. Seven black pearls and eleven emerald crystal beads. Dazzling and sophisticated. 

18.5" x 2.5" holds approximately 13.3oz

The inside of this horn has been coated with beeswax for safety. Hot liquids will cause the beeswax to melt and change the flavor of your drink. Who wants that? Clean with a cold water rinse and keep from prolonged exposure to heat or the sun. 

The metal we use is a fine pewter that is lead free. For anyone with metal allergies please see our FAQ page for full details.

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