Water nymph resting on a blue-green abalone shell. A small pink abalone is within the larger shell. A malachite ball, amethyst bead and two white pearls are joined with a blue hued labradorite.  Front view.
Top view of a water nymph on a blue-green abalone shell top view

Abalone shell bowl with a water nymph

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A small pink abalone shell is set inside a blue-green abalone shell. A water nymph is adorned with a large malachite ball, a blue hue labradorite, amethyst bead and two white pearls. Leucite stand is included.

Place small treasures like earrings within the pink abalone and bigger treasures like necklaces within the large abalone keeping everything nice and easy to find.

7.5" long by 5.25" wide. Stands about 3" high.