Ostrich egg goblet with emeralds and labradorite
ostrich egg goblet with emeralds and labradorite

Emeralds on an ostrich egg chalice

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Alfar's Goblet 

From far and wide they come
with of the sound of a drum.
listen if lucky you may hear em,
the tribes of Fae and Elf show up.
Council or gala they know not why
but to see all kin an' that's no lie.
And to drink from the ancient goblet
 passed around till there's no more droplets.
A honey mead, wine or butter rum
They dance until the rise of the Sun.


A tint of red on an ostrich egg that has been fashioned into a goblet. Adorned with twenty-two emerald balls and three emerald cabochons. All rests on a piece of gemsbok (antelope from Africa) horn that has two large labradorite cabochons set at front. The egg is lined with bee's wax so hot liquid will melt the wax. Rinse with cool water, no scrubbing the wax now. The outside may be gently cool washed with a mild soap.

9" tall and 5" around at its widest

The metal we use is a fine pewter that is lead free. For anyone with metal allergies please see our FAQ page for full details.

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