Gwenthwyfar's Midnight Chalice side a view
Gwenthwyfar's Midnight Chalice side b view

Gwenthwyfar's Midnight Chalice

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Gwenthwyfar's Midnight Chalice

She dances around in circles
as the moon starts to rise,
moving towards twilight high.
In her hand She holds the horn chalice
while the grass brushes Her thigh.
The sweet nectar does She drink,
swirling and twirling in the myst.
Gwenthwyfar's wake does leave
across the skies full of bright stars,

swirls of white star flowers to weave.
Between the worlds of the
conscious and the unconscious.
A place where all are transposable,
come alive to s
prout out upon
dreams and all that is possible.

A Drinking Horn Chalice worthy for a Faery Queen. Sculpted and jewel encrusted by our metal work and finished with a Moon flower.  You will find 26 silver pearls, 3 amethyst balls, 3 Columbian emerald beads, 3 Indonesian faceted ruby crystal beads, 2 malachite beads, 2 purple goldstone beads, 2 black ghost beads, a lapis beads, turquoise and a white optic  bead. Comes with a leucite stand though the horn can stand by itself.

Truly a drinking horn for a royal. Imagine drinking this horn by the light of the moon, during special occasions or just when you want to feel magnificent. 

21.5" x 2.5" holds approximately 14oz

The inside of this horn has been coated with beeswax for safety. Hot liquids will cause the beeswax to melt and change the flavor of your drink. Who wants that? Clean with a cold water rinse and keep from prolonged exposure to heat or the sun. 

The metal we use is a fine pewter that is lead free. For anyone with metal allergies please see our FAQ page for full details.

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